Natural Legacy in partnership with ACC Higgins

Natural Legacy is delighted to announce the partnership with ACC Higgins.

Natural Legacy understands the grief of saying goodbye to a loved one and are committed to ensuring families have a choice when arranging both their own and their loved ones funerals. ACC Higgins, like Natural Legacy, share this commitment and appreciate that the woollen coffins offer a comforting choice.

They welcome these unique additions which offer a softer goodbye to their customers.

Peter MacLeod, Managing Director of ACC Higgins, has experience second to none in the Australian funeral industry. He understands this time of sorrow and how it affects all family members. With this knowledge he has a greater appreciation for the warmth and consoling nature that the woollen coffin brings to the congregation.

“We at ACC Higgins have identified the importance of comfort. The Natural Legacy range of woollen coffins is amazing. ACC Higgins is proud to be the distributor in Australia of this innovative range of coffins”

Rachel Hainsworth, Commercial Director of Natural Legacy adds “We are very pleased to partner with such a highly regarded distributor in Australia. We are confident that ACC Higgins, with their understanding and compassion will make a great advocate for our range”

Along with the peaceful feel to the coffins, they are also a more environmentally friendly way of being laid to rest. Suitable for both burial and cremation as certified by the Funeral Furnishings Manufacturers Association (FFMA) means that Natural Legacy is a welcome addition to Australian Funeral Directors.

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