Woollen Coffins & Ash Caskets

Adult Coffin

Made using 100% New wool that is expertly woven in Yorkshire, Natural Legacy products are hand constructed on the same premises that has produced the outer woollen cloth for over 230 years.

Child Coffin

Natural Legacy baby and children’s coffins are a beautiful and comforting alternative to a traditional coffin or casket. The lovingly woven outer layer combined with the natural interior gives an overall feeling evocative of a Moses basket and an overall gentler goodbye.

Ash Caskets

The Ash Casket from Natural Legacy is soft and multi functional. The ashes are received by the family within a secondary internal box, which can then be removed for scattering or buried, leaving the tactile outer to be used as a memory box holding precious moments and treasures belonging to the decease.


Below are a few questions we get asked the most about Woollen Coffins.

Our coffins are very strong and able to hold up to 42 stone (266kg) thanks to a patented handle construction.

Our coffins are FFMA certified as suitable for cremation, our approval code is 1009-000013.

Yes all of the materials in our coffins are fully biodegradable.

Our coffins are available to the public via a funeral director, all funeral directors are able to purchase the coffins directly from our distributors. In the UK our distributor is JC Atkinson coffins.co.uk Please see our How to order page for distributors in other areas.