Family Testimonials


I am just writing to thank you for your wonderful product, the woollen coffin and casket, which we recently used for my father’s funeral and interment.

It’s a product that works on so many levels but mostly it transformed our funeral experience from cold, dark and bleak to soft, warm, loving and a bit beautiful.  It felt a bit more like putting dad to ‘bed’ and made the whole thing much more bearable.
Such a clever innovation, thank you.

Jan Bulley, Boston Spa



Last Monday we said goodbye to my lovely Nanny Phyl in one of your beautiful woollen coffins. It had looked beautiful in the brochure, but we were overwhelmed by just how special it was on the day. I wanted to thank your team for designing and making something so beautiful. I grew up in Yorkshire, and my mum was especially comforted by being able to ‘send Nanny off’ in something made in Yorkshire. She was particularly taken with the lovely blanket stitch and toggles.

Many thanks and best wishes, Keri W



I’m sure you might get hundreds of letters of thanks every week but I felt I must add to your work load!

My daughter Merryn died in a car accident two weeks ago. I have a collection of ‘death related’ material as we have two elderly mothers 94 & 90 and being an ex-teacher, I’m always prepared well ahead. Little did I think that I would use the information for our 37 year old daughter.
But there it was to hand. We covered the coffin with fairy lights and a simple bunch of tulips. Her birthday would have been the 21st of December.

Her ex-partner of 14 years was a Yorkshire farmer’s son and we have many friends from there. Her grandmother wasn’t able to cope with the funeral or seeing the coffin but she stroked the piece from, your brochure.

We, and many others, had such solace from stroking the coffin and I wish to thank you for helping us give a perfect send off for which people flew in from all over the world. Should you wish to see any photos of the coffin I’ll be happy to forward them to you.

We threw shells, sheep’s wool and petals onto the coffin at the burial before. Pendle Funeral Services had never seen the woollen coffin.

Many, many thanks for making the day bearable, Angie Butler



I had never seen a woollen coffin before. Our mam expressed a wish for one through the funeral director.

The hearse arrived and our mam was in this beautiful cosy beige coffin that to me looked like a keepsake box. This gave me and my family great comfort. Many friends and relatives have since told us how lovely, nice and different it was. The funeral director also said not only was it good to look at; it ticked all the boxes for them especially as it is Eco friendly.

With thanks from Mrs. C Hardisty and family.



I just wanted to say that my Mother’s funeral was held on Wednesday and how lovely everyone thought her coffin was.

No-one has seen a woollen coffin, not the undertaker nor the florist nor the people who came to Mum’s funeral. The comments about how beautiful it was, how soft but also part of our heritage, it seemed to strike a chord for people. I chose it because my Mum was a keen knitter and embroiderer. She would have loved the blanket stitch around the edges!

It really did help having such a beautiful, soft coffin for my Mum to rest in and even the embroidery of Mum’s name was beautiful. Someone pointed out that it was traditional at one time for folk to be buried in wool, so that was most interesting to know there’s quite a history behind the use of wool in funerals.

I hope your company goes from strength to strength.

Many thanks and kind regards, Anita Tedder.



I hope that this is not an inappropriate comment, but I have never seen such a beautiful coffin!

I am presuming that you had this brought into New Zealand especially for your mum. You are so right – talk about going out in style!

Anne Wright, The Gift Station, New Zealand.



I am super intrigued by her coffin, I have never seen anything like it.

Mahonganie Hines, Canada. 



We were lucky to have the most beautiful day for the graveside service – sun shining, late autumn colours, a fantail flitting overhead and the beautiful cream woollen coffin.

It was just perfect. Funerals are very personal – all down to individual choice and I was glad that thanks to my wonderful industry colleagues I was able to have that choice. Thank you so much.

Janette Eason-Savage, New Zealand.

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