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At Arka Original Funerals we have found the Natural Legacy coffin to be very popular with our customers, in particular they like the beautiful design, the skill with which it’s made and the soft British wool which is so comforting for people. We love them because they are made from a sustainable source and have very little impact on our beautiful world.

ARKA Original Funerals

136 Islingword Road, Brighton, BN2 9SH

Tel: 01273 621444 



Thank you for supplying us with a sample of your ashes casket. Here at The Willows Natural Burial Ground we insist that only biodegradable coffins/caskets are used, many of our customers think only of cardboard coffins and are delighted when we show them your ashes casket. All have commented on its beauty and simplicity.  As a result some of our clients have written into their funeral wishes that they want to be buried in a natural legacy woolen coffin/casket. Only last week one of our families chose a cream coffin for the funeral of their loved one.  The coffin look beautiful and all of the mourners commented on its beauty and got comfort from stroking the coffin.

Chris and I are more than happy to encourage people to use woollen coffins/caskets, especially if they are as well made and eye-catching as yours.

Jenny and Chris Scroby, The Willows – Natural Burial Ground

Barsby Road, South Croxton, Leicestershire, LE7 3RZ

Tel: 01455 888699



Well done!

A hearty congratulations to the team at Natural Legacy for believing in their products and developing something new for us in this post-industrial world. Your courage has returned the fleece to a place it has not been for centuries and I’m ensure has refined its wearing to a higher level of comfort than ever before. And further, a hearty congratulations to Prince Charles for continuing to support good ideas and the people and businesses behind them. Our future is in good hands.

Matthew Simons

Cape York, Australia



Warriston Crematorium Edinburgh have to-date carried out two cremations where the Natural Legacy Woollen Coffin have been used. During both cremations we experienced absolutely no problems with emissions and there were no problems with the charging of this coffin or following the charging of this coffin, we are more than happy to accept the woollen coffin at Warriston Crematorium Edinburgh.

Kind Regards,

Stuart Jones, Warriston Crematorium

36 Warriston Road, Edinburgh, EH7 4HW

Tel: 0131 551 6753



The Natural Legacy wool coffin presented no difficulties or challenges in its charging and cremation process. The emissions data from the cremation was all within normal parameters and I would have no concerns in accepting wool coffins in the future. The Natural Legacy wool coffin offers a welcome addition to the coffins we already accept.

Peter Hope, Harwood Park Crematorium



Since we were introduced to the Natural Legacy Woollen Coffin, we have had the opportunity of supplying the coffin to several local families. On each occasion, the Woollen coffin has exceeded the expectations of these families and given great comfort to them. The ‘soft’ and ‘cosy’ feel of the coffin is often mentioned.

From a professional point of view, the coffin can be accessed via yourselves or J C Atkinson quickly. This is a great help if we up a tight schedule.

On a personal note, the lightweight construction, coupled with its ease of use and weight carrying capability, gives me both confidence in offering it to our clients, as well as offering our staff a safe product to handle on a day to day basis. Congratulations on a splendid idea.

Tim Mahony, Mahony & Ward Ltd.

The Manor Hall, Robin Lane, Pudsey, LS28 7BN

Tel: 0113 256 5209



I have only used a woollen coffin once and found the reaction was excellent from everyone at the service.

The decreased was a guide leader and we fastened her badges through the blanket stitch around the head end of the coffin (I know this isn’t usually the reason it’s for) the family especially like that we could fasten the flowers to the coffin using the fitted tapes and therefore the flowers were lowered into the grave with the decreased.

Dominic, A W Lymn The Family Funeral Service Ltd

Robin Hood House, Robin Hood Street, Nottingham, NG3 1GF

Tel: 0115 950 5275



I discovered the Natural Legacy range at the Birmingham trade show and knew instantly they would be very well received. The coffins are finished to high standards, are extremely tactile and have a clean, fresh appearance.

At The Fantastic Funeral Company we work with people prior to death so most people choose their own coffins. Recently a client requested something with a ‘wow factor’, not dark in colour, had to be biodegradable and a coffin that would be remembered.  I knew when I showed her your catalogue I could meet her specifications; she chose a beautiful cream Natural Legacy coffin.

I will continue to use the woollen coffins as the company offers new and creative approaches to a traditional trade. Its products are innovative and most importantly, meeting our clients changing requests. For example, extra thought that has gone into the embroidered name plate adds something personal and intimate. It’s what matters and it’s what’s remembered.

Liz Lee, The Fantastic Funeral Company Ltd

7 Valley Terrace, Shadwell, Leeds LS17 8NZ

Tel: 0113 269 7892



We did a funeral for a lady and her daughter and son in law “loved” the wool coffin they said it was so well suited to the person she was, they put in a patchwork quilt and lavender and those little touches complimented the coffin perfectly, they especially liked the duffle style buttons and name plate.

Donna, A W Lymn The Family Funeral Service Ltd

Robin Hood House, Robin Hood Street, Nottingham, NG3 1GF

Tel: 0115 950 5275



Having first seen the woollen coffin at your Mill on the afternoon of Sunday April 26th I was immediately impressed with what I saw.

During the coming week I was to arrange a funeral of a seventeen year old girl and my thoughts went straight to what I had seen the previous Sunday. It took just one phone call to you  to enquire if one could be made available straight away, back came the reply no problem.

I showed my family the brochure and they immediately felt that this would be perfect for their daughter.  I was delighted with the woollen coffin as were my family when they came to the funeral home.

The Church was packed with over five hundred people seeing for the first time and I have had excellent feed back from many people who saw and took notice that we had some thing different. I will certainly be looking at this coffin as an alternative in the future and I am convinced that it certainly has a place in the future of the changing times ahead within our profession.

I wish Rachel, Adam and Julian every success.

Gwen Schofield, Radcliffe Funeral Service


Tel: 01484 662324



I conducted a funeral for the Bulwell office and the family had chosen the Natural Legacy Coffin. The lady who died was quite young and her daughters chose the coffin. The deceased was taken home and the funeral also took place at her home address in the garden. The family really liked the coffin because it both looked and felt much softer than the more commonly selected wooden coffins. They spent a lot of time with their Mum at home with the coffin open and they said they felt a lot closer to their Mum at this time as the coffin was more welcoming.

Kirsty, A W Lymn The Family Funeral Service Ltd

Robin Hood House, Robin Hood Street, Nottingham, NG3 1GF

Tel: 0115 950 5275

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